What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Software and refers to any software a company would use to schedule, dispatch and record maintenance procedures on any equipment that needs to be maintained. Typical application of this technology is in facility maintenance and fleet maintenance, but the applications are endless. There are few different ways in which this technology can be implemented. First is on a single computer, second is online.

Why go online?

Single computer software has the limitation of having all of the information stored on one computer (or set of computers if the software supports it) and doesn't allow the flexibility to access the system easily from a different computer when necessary. The second drawback is backup support. Should the computer fail, you have to trust that the person maintaining that computer has made backups of the system on a regular basis and rebuild from the last backup. Single computer based systems have the additional disadvantage of needing the correct operating system to support it. If your older computer does not have the right operating system, you have the headache and cost of installing the appropriate OS or even replacing each machine that will be using the system.


The other option is an online solution like Work Orders Plus. Online systems have the advantage of being accessible whenever and from wherever you have a computer with an Internet connection. So if a person is out of the office, he or she can still access the system should the need arise. This also eliminates the need for a particular operating system. Any computer, no matter which operating system it is running (Win 9x, Macintosh OS, Linux), can access the system with a current web browser. So even older machines you have on hand are usable. For example as an on site computer in the mechanical floor of a high rise.


Work Orders Plus also has the advantage of having a professional support staff who's job is to make sure your data is protected. All of the information on our server is part of a raid 5 system. The result is that even if a drive fails, we can replace that drive with no loss of data and no drop in service to our clients. Our server sits in a secure room with a carefully controlled climate. The room has a non damaging fire retardant system so in the event of a fire the server can keep running. And a backup generator to maintain service even in the event of a power outage.


With Work Orders Plus, our active clients don't have to pay for upgrades. We are constantly in development for our system to take advantage of the newest technology. Our clients receive the benefits of this development at no additional cost. This includes major upgrades and even software written for new equipment (such as a new type of handheld device). All of the newest support information and handheld software is available on our web site and can be freely downloaded by our clients. So they don't have to worry about being left behind by the march of technology when it comes to their CMMS solution.

Consider Carefully

Choosing your CMMS is a big decision. If you have questions call us an we would be happy to talk to you about how our system can help you.

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