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Computerized Maintenance Management Software
that is simple, powerful and affordable.

Our top of the line CMMS Solution:

With e-workordersplus, KRES Consulting delivers a new generation of CMMS technology, training and consulting services to achieve the results that count. Because we are a smaller company, we can price our products below our major competitors! Our primary goal for our customers is to show you how to achieve the very most out of your maintenance software.

* Increase productivity
* Reduce costs
* Minimize equipment failure

Call us today at 303-598-0307 to find out how you can run your business more efficiently and more profitably. Our feature-rich, powerfhouse software gives you the tools you need, making technology easy to use, accurate and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is CMMS?
A:Click here for an explanation

2. Where can I find the files for my Palm?
A:In the support section

3. How do I install the files on my computer/palm/PocketPC?
A:Installation instructions are here

4.Which Palm devices are supported?
A: Supported mobile devices